Benefits of Using Post OP Shoe and Digi Squeeze Hand Exerciser

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Our hands and feet are the foundation of our body, and we need the right product to support them. Out of all the other body parts, hands and feet suffer the constant pressure that leads to pain or uneasiness. But, thanks to advanced medical supplies, you can ease your pain and increase the movement of the hands and feet. 

With the soft touch post OP shoe and Cando Digi squeeze hand exerciser, you can provide additional comfort and support to the feet and hands. So, let us dive deep into knowing how beneficial these medical supplies can be for you and in what cases you can use them. 

  • What is a Soft Touch Post OP Shoe? 

Many people experience pain and difficulty after a leg injury or surgery. Thus, that is where a medical shoe can protect the foot and toes with its comfortable soft flat, stiff sole, mesh sides, and adjustable straps. These medical shoes are also known as post-surgical, rigid sole, or soft touch post OP shoes.      

Basically this shoe is open in the front, where your toes go. Also, it can help decrease pain and increase movement after an injury or surgery so you can heal. 

  • Things You Need to Know about Post OP Shoe 

  1. Check your feet and toes often for redness and swelling. If your toes are red, swollen, numb, or tingly, you might be wearing the straps too tight. Consider loosening the straps. Thus, the swelling from the injury or surgery will decrease over time, and when it happens, you can tighten the straps. 

  2. A soft touch post OP shoe is ideal if you have a sensitive foot. 

  3. Apart from wearing these shoes after a surgery or injury, you can also wear them for post-trauma dislocation burns. 

  4. These shoes have a soft cotton-poly blend breathable upper part which helps keep the foot cool and comfortable. Moreover, the hook and loop closure provides compression and even tension.  

  • What is a Cando Digi Squeeze Hand Exerciser 

A CanDo Digi-Squeeze Hand Exerciser is a foam exercise ball for squeezing. It helps develop flexibility, isolated finger strength, and coordination to rehabilitate stroke, nerve lacerations, carpel tunnel, arthritis, fractures, tendon injury, tennis elbow, and more. 

The ball comes in three sizes for small, medium, and large hands, with five different resistances. Each ball features a finger and thumb positioning indents and markings for using both hands.  

Wrapping it up! 

The soft post OP show and CanDo Digi-Squeeze Hand Exerciser are all-in-one tools for flexion and extension hand and feet exercise. Both are specially designed to develop feet, toes, hand, and finger strength.  

However, you can immediately consult your doctor if you feel pain or discomfort even after using this medical equipment. Seeking medical advice can help you choose the right shoe size or exercise according to your condition. 


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