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Easy and simple

Best rapid test I’ve taken. I have to get tested for work every week for which my employer reimburses me. I could pay for a more expensive test since I’m not using my own money to buy these, but I’ve found these are the perfect ones for ease of use and reliability. This is by far the easiest test and I didn’t need to jab it up in my nose for an accurate reading. Also, very good communication with Medici. Gonna buy a ton of these.

iHealth™ SARS-CoV-2 COVID Antigen Rapid Home Test Kits

Pleased with Performance

Easy to order and ontime delivery !

Glad to have rapid tests in my home

I was really happy to find a reputable site to order home tests. Was also pleased to be able to track my order as it was being prepared and finally shipped.

Greatly efficient and reliable

Even at the very peak of pandemic when home testing kits were in shortage, they delivered Abbott Ag tests promptly and without any delay.

Great test

This test is so accurate
I recommend high

cost effective way to go

Only way to go for kitchen and toilet fixture cleaning. Great price


I love the smell of clean and bleach smells clean. I use this at work in the lab so decided to get some for home. It is kinda spendy, but it WORKS excellent!

Janitex Alcohol Sanitizing Wet Wipes case of 32 packs of 40 wipes
So soft

I must say so soft with no alcohol smell
Very recommend

Germ free bathroom!

I am very pleased with this cleaner with bleach. With the current status of Covid-19, we keep a spray bottle on the back of the toilet. It gets used daily, and nobody has to look for it.

Like Magc on Patio Cushons

I used this to clean dirty patio cushions. And I'm talking REALLY dirty and some mildew. I had read about using this on a blog, and it worked great. Just remember to spray the cushions with water FIRST to get them very wet. I forgot when I first started and part of one cushion looks a little bleached. Completely my fault. I stopped and sprayed everything down and proceeded to use it on very bright colors and they did not fade a bit. Some small cushions were smell enough to try to clean in the washing machine. I treated them with stain remover and washed ... TWICE, but couldn't get all of the stains out. I'm quite sure that this product will do the trick just fine.

On time delivery

Product was not available at any of our local stores and we wanted to use them as party favors. delivered the items on time and they were as advertised.

Mixed bag

First, the good news — nice bag, well-labeled sections. Now, the not-good; bandages are almost worse than nothing, as they are poor quality and have a tendency to fall off right away. Gave several to a neighbor who’d had a small finger cut, and they slid right off. Went to local store and purchased Bandaids, which adhered well. Am wondering about the quality of the rest of the items in the bag, since that was such a basic fail.


Smells like bleach, product doesn’t have a seal but cleans.

Strong bleach product

In times of needing to disinfect this product is great, but the strong bleach odor is not pleasant.

Handle with care!

This bleach product leaked in the box, damaging the product labeling, the box, and articles of clothing on my person

Really cleans cement and other special needs.

Love the way this cleaner made my yard look so clean. Will always continue to buy and use.

These are great but be careful not to add too much too soon

These are a quick fix for mold and unsavory toilet smells. The first one I put in worked for at least a month and when I noticed it was starting to fade I decided to add another tab. What I didn’t know was that it had somehow gotten in the valve letting water out of the toilet once it’s put in so it began to overflow. I fixed it before it was a disaster but just beware! I didn’t know that was possible

Hard to find

Literally went out of stock as soon as I purchased ! All these are super hard to find with reasonable price.

Perfect purchase


Good product

Works good for me. i’m buying it again in future

Good cleaner.

Got this bleach in time to get it cleaner than it can get for a whole lot of living. Thanks.,.Read the label ifbu can find the time.

Pleasent smell!

In the laundry. Happy to have it in my space.